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    Tailor made services


    As Central Agent we provide full support to the Owner, Crew and Brokers in order to ensure the satisfactory completion of the charter contracts:

    •   Representation of the Owner
    •   Preparation of charter contracts
    •   Provision & verification of charter APA
    •   Invoicing and VAT Management
  • International Yacht Charter proposes a full range of management services to worldwide Yacht Owners. Because each Yacht Owner is unique, we adapt our offer to fit each Owner’s needs and expectations.


    We are assisting owners to ensure safe, cost efficient and smooth operation of their yacht. Our list of services covers all aspect of yacht management.


    Our Accounting and Financial management service covers the following items :
    •   Input on budgets and planning
    •   Periodic financial reporting
    •   Input on budgets and planning
    •   Cash-flow monitoring
    •   Receipt and processing of invoices
    •   Payment of Crew wages and suppliers' invoices
    •   Yacht bank account and Yacht Credit Card
    •   VAT and charter license administration


    Yachts are highly technical and expensive product operated within an over regulated environment. This is the reason why yacht owners need professional assistance and support.

    We assist the Yacht owners to protect their asset’s value and meet their obligations:

    •   Classifications and statutory surveys
    •    Flag State Inspection
    •   Maintenance programme
    •   Repairs and modifications or improvements
    •   Periodical inspection on board with reports
    •    Assistance in connection with and monitoring of marine accident


    •   Logistics & purchasing
    •   Bunkering and sourcing supplies
    •   Assistance in reserving berths
    •   Management of the Yacht communication
    •   General logistical assistance


    We ensure that appropriate insurance covers are in place for both the Yacht and the Crew.
    The following Yacht Insurance policies can be administered :

    •   Hull & Machinery
    •   P & I
    •   Crew
    •   Insurance claims support


    The crewing function is of vital importance for the operation of any yacht whether commercial or private. It ensures that the vessel is operated by a compliment of appropriately trained and experienced seafarers.

    To this end, IYC proposes the following services:

    •   Crew recruitment
    •   Production of employment contracts
    •   Arranging private insurance cover
    •   Payroll
    •   Crew Documentation
    •   Crew dispute management

    We are assisting owners to select the most suitable flag for their yacht. We oversee the whole registration process from the application to the issuance of the certificate of registry.


    If you are looking to purchase a yacht, we can assist in everything from tax efficient purchase arrangements to technical surveys and financing. Equally, should you decide to sell your yacht or upgrade, then we are able to assist in all aspects of the transaction.


    Building a yacht is a complicated endeavour. However we can assist at every stage, from selection of the shipyard to project sign-off. We will follow the construction to ensure that the project delivers to your expectations.

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